Official 1.18rc1 announcement?

Martin Pool mbp at
Sun Aug 23 23:15:26 BST 2009

2009/8/20 Martin Pool <mbp at>:
> 2009/8/20 Gary van der Merwe <garyvdm at>:
>>> That's true.  It's too manual.
>> Can I suggest need a wiki page (or some thing easier to setup), per
>> release, where we have a check list of binarys that need to be built,
>> and once each one is built, it gets checked, and then it is easy to
>> see that they are all built, so the release announcement can be sent.
> I think the list of what *has* been done is fairly obvious in the
> downloads page, and the list of what should be done is still fairly
> obvious - one can always just compare to the last release if there's
> any doubt.
> I think the process problem is that it introduces a new handoff: "wait
> a few days, then come back and check and if done XXX".  That's not a
> great thing to have in the process at the best of times, and this time
> it was a combination of my schedule being disrupted and it being a new
> process that lead me to forget it.
> What we probably should do is say: whoever builds the last installer
> (or each installer) should ping the rm to anounce the release.

I also filed <>
asking for a mail notification when download files are added.

Martin <>

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