bzr check and "missing inventory"

Andrew Bennetts andrew.bennetts at
Fri Aug 21 05:41:58 BST 2009

Martin Pool wrote:
> 2009/8/21 Tom Cato Amundsen <tca at>:
> > Below is parts of the output of .bzr.log. The rest of the file is at
> >
> > The branch checked is in a copy of the bzr repo at
> > There are 1736 revisions in the repository and 1736 lines complaining
> > about "missing inventory".
> > The repository and branch works fine. But should I worry? What does
> > the "missing inventory" message mean.
> Hi,
> Andrew reported this as
> <>.  I don't have any
> specific advice at the moment.

To be clear, I'm not sure that this is the same bug.  Now that I look closer I
see that is in a non-rich-root format (pack-0.92), so
my guess is it is the same.  Probably upgrading to 2a (which has rich roots)
will avoid the issue.

My advice is that I wouldn't worry about that message, though.  I think it's
most likely a spurious warning; I don't think there's any fault in your
repository and I don't think any other part of bzr will misbehave in this


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