metronome mail for Bazaar 2.0 and 1.18

Martin Pool mbp at
Thu Aug 20 02:11:36 BST 2009

2009/8/20 Martin Pool <mbp at>:
> OK, what I propose to do is:
> Release 1.18final today to finish off the release branch and give a
> stable release for people who don't want the 2.0 beta.
> Also make a 2.0 release branch today, and release 2.0beta1 off the
> start of that.  This release will have format 2a as the default,
> because that is now the case in trunk.  We can then do further
> bugfix-only landings onto the 2.0 branch, and make further betas.  I
> would ask that Ubuntu ship the beta1 and then continue with the
> following bugfix releases off that branch until they either hit a
> deeper freeze or we feel no more fixes are needed, whichever happens
> first.

After talking to Robert, Ian, and Andrew I'm going to amend this a bit:

1.18final today.

Branch 2.0 today too, so that any changes that aren't bug fixes can
land to trunk, but 2.0 will stabilize.

2.0beta1 early next week, so that there is a 2.0 in Karmic before the
feature freeze, and we'll then deliver only bug fixes leading up to
and beyond their release.

Martin <>

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