bzr-svn: Pushing existing BZR to new SVN repo.

Eric Berry elberry at
Thu Aug 20 00:58:57 BST 2009

Ah. My apologies, I missed that.

When I use -r 0.. I get this message:
DeprecationWarning: NULL_REVISION should be used for the null revision
instead of None, as of bzr 0.91.
  revision_id = _mod_revision.ensure_null(revision_id)
All changes applied successfully.

However, there is nothing in the bzr-svn checkout.

I also tried creating a bzr branch of the bzr-svn checkout, and then merging
using -r 0.. with the same results.

If I try to do a merge (without the -r 0..), I get the previous error about
having no common ancestor.

On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 3:15 AM, Tom Widmer <tom.widmer at> wrote:

> Eric Berry wrote:
>> On Sun, Aug 16, 2009 at 1:17 AM, Martin Pool <mbp at <mailto:
>> mbp at>> wrote:
>>    2009/8/16 Eric Berry <elberry at <mailto:elberry at>>:
>>     > Hello,
>>     >     I have a local bzr branch which I need to store in svn as
>>    well. I've
>>     > already created a svn repo to house it, but when I try to push
>>    the branch to
>>     > svn, it says that the branches have diverged, and I need to
>>    merge. I can't
>>     > seem to figure out the right merge parameters, as I get an error
>>    specifying
>>     > that the two branches don't have a common ancestor, and none of the
>>     > revisions I use work.
>>    Normally if there is no ancestry in common then doing
>>     bzr merge -r 0..
>>    will force it.
>> I'm not quite sure where to do this from.
>> I've tried merging the svn repo into my local branch using -r 0. I've also
>> tried checking out the svn repo locally, and merging my local bzr branch
>> into it. Both result in a "nothing to do" message.
>> If I do the second one without the -r 0, I get this error:
>> bzr: ERROR: Prefix missing for branches/PluginDeveloper; please create it
>> before pushing.
> You don't literally mean -r 0 do you? Martin said -r 0..
> The .. is important (it means 0 onwards, not just 0, which would be a
> no-op).
> Tom

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