Call for translations & QA for bzr-explorer 0.4

Philippe Lhoste PhiLho at
Wed Aug 19 12:56:21 BST 2009

I uploaded an updated French translation for Explorer 0.6.1
Tried to improve consistency (window titles more concise than corresponding menu items) 
and added more translation (some parts cannot be translated, like "Added" files).

Some translations are still missing, partly because I hesitate on how to translate some 
technical terms.
I solved a number of translations by looking at some French articles about VCS, but so far 
I saw terms like "checkout" used literally (untranslated).
Although I can do that too, I prefer to do a full translation. So I ask clarification on 
the exact meaning of the terms, hoping it can be useful to other translators as well.

'checkout' is the most puzzling. I know that it is used in the sense of "checking out a 
book from a library". But it makes more sense in a centralized VCS like SVN (?) or even 
more Perforce (the latter setting a read-only flag on versioned files not checked out), 
where you "borrow" a file (mark it as being modified) from the central repository, perhaps 
even locking it out (to prevent other people to modify it, working as if the file is no 
longer in the "library").
In Bazaar and probably other DVCSes, it has a slightly different meaning. If I understood 
correctly it is a kind of mirror of a central (or reference) repository, and commits to 
the checkout are automatically reflected on the parent (assuming user has the rights, of 
course). Is that correct?

In French, we say we "borrow" a book from a library (/emprunter/). It can apply to CVCS 
meaning, but hardly to DVCS one, I think.
Do you have any idea of synonyms that apply to bzr checkout meaning, that I could use to 
translate concisely the term? Mirror come to mind, but I don't know if it reflects (sic) 
correctly the operation.

Easier to translate are push and pull (/pousser/ and /tirer/), at least if I stick to 
physical meaning (eg. like we can do with a door or a chair). Does that make sense or is 
the meaning more subtle? I am not keen on using these physical verbs (but not hostile either).
Or perhaps I can use /extraire/ (extract) for pull? Like we extract latest revisions from 
the remote branch. 'update' is better but already taken for a slightly different operation 
(and might apply to push too...). And it is longish in French (/mettre à jour/...).
In the case of 'extract', I am not sure what to use for push. 'inject'? 'append' (latest 
revisions to remote history)? Well, literal 'push' can be OK too, we use to say 'he pushes 
his proposal in the meeting' in French too after all.
I don't like 'extract/inject' because they carry a "random access" meaning, while they act 
on latest changes only.
Mmm, perhaps /récupérer/ ('retreive') for pull?

I have translated 'commit' with /soumettre/ (submit) although I loose the 
implication/commitment meaning... /commettre/ in French applies to crimes, sins, errors... 
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary gives the meaning of "to consign or record for 
preservation" which is probably the original sense in Bzr, so perhaps I should use instead 
one of these synonyms. 'record' seems right but /enregistrer/ in French is already used to 
mean to save files in editors, for example. So maybe /consigner/, which also carries the 
idea of writing in a log book. And also have /signer/ (to sign), which conveys the 
commitment idea (and the reality!).

Any idea/insight/suggestion is welcome! :-)

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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