Call for review/edits: Bazaar Plugins Guide

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at
Sat Aug 15 06:50:46 BST 2009

As proposed the other day, I've throw together a "Bazaar Plugins Guide"
providing help on the commonly used plugins within the Bazaar community.
I think it hangs together reasonably well. See for the current draft.

If you are a *plugin user*, please let me know how the document could be
improved. For example:

* Do the categories make sense? Should we add more?

* What plugins do you commonly use that are missing?

* Is the layout good? (I've gone with one page per plugin for ease of
  printing vs one page per command say.)

* Should I add the home page for each plugin under the 'Version:'
  metadata at the top say? Other metadata? (If so, is there an easy
  way for me to look this data up vs maintaining it separately?)

If you are a *plugin author*, please have a look to see whether your
plugin is included so far or not:

* If it is, please check the help generated and fix any formatting
  errors in the *trunk* of your plugin ASAP. That's usually as simple
  as making some simple tweaks to the module docstring and/or
  command docstrings.

* If it isn't, let me know whether you'd like your plugin added.
  I'm happy to do that provided the plugin is broadly useful,
  reliable enough for us to promote it and adequately documented.
  Obviously users saying "plugin x is really helpful" will
  make the choice whether to include a plugin or not an easier one. :-)

If you want to grab the branch in order to build the document yourself
and/or send me merge proposals, it's available on Launchpad here:
I'll turn this into a proper project and/or merge it into the trunk soon.

Ian C.

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