2.0 upgrade experiences

Andrew Cowie andrew at operationaldynamics.com
Thu Aug 13 09:01:49 BST 2009

On Thu, 2009-08-13 at 16:59 +1000, Robert Collins wrote:
> One thing we could do is, on upgrade:
>  - pack automatically (we do this)
>  - fsync()
>  - clean obsoleted packs.

That seems very nice!


If you could tell user something while all this is going on, they won't
mind how long it takes. After all, who cares? It's a deliberate one-time
operation. Deleting files takes a while on certain filesystems? No

And (personal bias) I don't care how long it *or any other operation*
takes [within limits that Bazaar is already well within] so long as it's
not sitting there not telling me what it's doing.

Which is why I am so persistently vocal about how useless the ASCII art
progress bar is; it wastes horizontal space, sits there, doesn't tell
you anything useful (other than always being "about half way done",
subjectively) and meanwhile lots of possibly interesting diagnostic
and/or progress messages are flashing by in the 20 or 30 character wide
space that is left. I've always wondered what those messages are, but
they're only there for a few tenths of a second. I really don't feel Git
is any faster. Of course it isn't — there's about the same amount of
network traffic to pass — but it sure makes it *look* like it's
intelligently busy; it's telling me all sorts of incomprehensible stuff
about deltifying packs and god knows what else. But it certainly gives
it an [user acceptable] excuse to be sitting there not doing anything
[or, that is, heh, the user sitting there not doing anything while they


Note that I was able to read about "deltifying" et al after the fact
because they didn't clear the line after moving on; they wrote a \n
first. Otherwise it'd be like Bazaar's ephemeral progress messages; I'd
have no clue what they were up to.

This is, incidentally, a lot easier than the 2 line status bar idea we
had a few months ago - which would be quite cool if someone decides to
do it, but non-trivial, as was pointed out at the time. That being the
case, I'd suggest it's time to accept the loss and start printing \n

Sorry. Off-thread, but moderately on-topic in so far as making 2.0 rock
in the eyes of PEBKAC users.

All the best,


Andrew Frederick Cowie

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