RFC: remove traceback from "newer branch format than your bzr"

Ben Finney ben+bazaar at benfinney.id.au
Wed Aug 12 01:30:59 BST 2009

"Stephen J. Turnbull" <stephen at xemacs.org> writes:

> Martin Pool writes:
>  > $ bzr branch....
>  > AbsentContentFactory has no attribute...
>  > This probably indicates a bug in Bazaar.  Sorry.  For help or to
>  > report a bug see http://bazaar-......

>     AbsentContentFactory has no attribute ...
>     This probably indicates a bug in Bazaar.  Please report this by
>     going to http://bugs.bazaar-vcs.org/ and creating a bug report.

As a side, but IMO important, point of HCI: I'm convinced that “Sorry”
is not a word that should appear in error messages. The error should
make clear where the responsibility is, but not attempt to falsely
anthropomorphise the computer.

So in that respect, I see Stephen's versions of the error messages as
superior here.

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