[qbzr] QBzr 0.13.1 released

Gary van der Merwe garyvdm at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 14:24:39 BST 2009

On behalf of QBzr developers I'd like to announce release of QBzr 0.13.1

What's new in this release
 * Bazaar 1.18 compatibility fixes. (#397615) (#402022) (#404269)
 * Support for PyQT 4.5 (#394125)
 * New dialogs for qsend (#174504), qswitch (#385116)
 * External diff buttons are now the correct width when using the
 * Added Estonian translation.
 * Bug reports now point to https://bugs.launchpad.net/qbzr/+filebug 
   rather than https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+filebug. It is now 
   possilble to click on this link.
 * qcommit:
   * Pressing Escape cancels the dialog.
   * Spelling suggestions are shown in the message context menu. 
   * If you dbl click on a pending merge, it will show the revision 
     message, which is usefull if you want to copy it.
   * When the arguments are written to a file, thay are now encoded. 
   * Added a refresh button to reload changes. (#253777)
 * qcommit, qadd, and qrevert now reuse the widget from qbrowse. This 
   means that there are more context menu items, and you can expand 
   unversioned directories (#258929). On Windows and Mac, system file 
   icons are shown.
 * qrevert: You can now control if you want to revert pending merges. 
 * qlog:
   * Support for Mantis BugTracker bug urls.
   * Wildcards now supported to search for message, author, tags and 
     bugs. You can see all revisions with tags or bugs by selecting 
     corresponding search filter and type * in the search entry.
 * qannotate:
   * It is now possible to annotate the working tree.
   * Branch encoding setting is now correcly loaded. (#397753)
   * A minimum of 80 chars is now shown (#397756)
 * qdiff:
   * Use configured color for interline_changes_background.
   * Files now correctly aligned. There is no longer a space at the end 
     of each line. (#271178)
   * Performance improvement for loading and scrolling. (#411367)

NOTES: As of this release, qbzr requires PyQt 4.4.

Screen Shots

We have update our screen shots pages. So if you want to see these new
features, a many more, in action, head over to


What is QBzr?
QBzr is a cross-platform GUI front end for Bazaar, based on Qt toolkit.


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