RFC: remove traceback from "newer branch format than your bzr"

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Tue Aug 11 10:06:03 BST 2009

James Westby пишет:
> Martin Pool wrote:
>> How about if we said something like this
>> $ bzr branch....
>> AbsentContentFactory has no attribute...
>> This probably indicates a bug in Bazaar.  Sorry.  For help or to
>> report a bug see http://bazaar-......
> That's an improvement. Perhaps it should also point to wherever
> ..bzr.log is as we would want people to include the relevant parts of
> that in their bug report.

There is very good thing in current traceback reporter: it shows 
versions of bzr, system settings and versions of used plugins.
Sometimes this information is enough to precisely understand what's 
wrong. Will be nice to keep this sort of info in the future bug reports.

> Thanks,
> James

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