Problems with Bazaar 1.17 at Ohloh

Jonathan Lange jml at
Tue Aug 11 08:42:19 BST 2009

Hey guys,

Now that Launchpad is open sourced, I've been trying to get it's
information on record at Ohloh.

The Ohloh folks have been really helpful so far, even upgrading their
version of Bazaar to 1.17. However, it seems that we've hit a snag.
Take a look at this post:

In it, Robin explains that Ohloh does:
  bzr log --long --show-id --forward --include-merges -r 1.. -v

Which takes over an hour and fails with:
  bzr: ERROR: The file id
"x_Stuart_Bishop__Sat_SepW24_14:41:02_2005_18800.0" is not present in
the tree .

What can we do about this?


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