RFC Summary: Home page wireframe

Emma Jane emmajane at ubuntu.com
Mon Aug 10 18:12:24 BST 2009


Thank you to everyone for your feedback on the wireframes last week! In 
addition to posting the RFC to this mailing list I also included the same text 
as a post to the following Planets: Ubuntu, Drupal, Writing Open Source. The 
RFC was also tweeted/dented and re-tweeted by Zonker (openSUSE community 
manager) among others.

Although I've kept the same shape for the wireframe, I've revised the text of 
what goes into the boxes (some links are removed, some are new). Hopefully 
everyone (including the designers) will now get a better sense of what will be 
accomplished on the front page and how we will lead people into the real meat 
of the site. The "VCS Solution" and "About Bazaar" sections may still be too 
close. I will flag this for the designers to see if they have suggestions as 

Wireframe image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/emmajane/3807793779/

Initial goal description and link to GIMP source:

The feedback that I got can quickly be summarized as:
• Too much redundancy between various regions. Hopefully I've addressed this 
with the persona page at: http://bazaar-vcs.org/BazaarPersonas
• Download and install takes up too much real estate

Important to include:
• Exit ramp for Launchpad
• Featured Developer (if there are resources for keeping it updated)
• Link list pointing back to Canonical and Ubuntu
• Recent news
• Link to contribute
• Upcoming features
• License
• Generic pointer to a Hosting page

Important to remove:
• Recent news (needs to be included in the site, but it is not required on the 
front page)
• References to Launchpad

Now that I've added the text to the wireframe please let me know if there are 
any outstanding issues that have not been resolved. They may not be fixed for 
this iteration, but hopefully we can continue to improve on the design as we 
progress through the rest of the sections in the Web site. This is just the 
first iteration!

Emma's Next steps:
1. Create a Bazaar branch *or* Wiki page that includes an editable version of 
the front page text. I'd like to have a single source for text, but it doesn't 
matter to me which tool is used.
2. Pass the wireframes to the designers.
3. Continue to accept feedback for future iterations of the site design.


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