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John Arbash Meinel john at
Mon Aug 10 17:50:04 BST 2009

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Martin Pool wrote:
> 2009/8/7 Olivier R-D <o.r-d at>:
>> I got a crash when trying to merge 2 branches. Not being an bzr expert I do
>> not really know what to do now ?
>> Has someone any idea ?
>> one of the branches uses bzr-svn and some developpers use windows but this
>> happen between 2 bzr branches. I first got the prolem with the standard bzr
>> version in ubuntu jaunty (2.13) so I updated to the latest 1.17 but I get
>> the same problem.
>> After the crash when merging I get the same stack when doing 'bzr check'
> Hi Olivier,
> Sorry for the disturbance.  These kind of tracebacks have typically
> been seen to come out of some problems in bzr-svn; if you file a bug
> on Jelmer may be able to give you
> some more guidance or help isolate the bug.
> I don't think we're seeing anything like this as a problem in 2a and
> if you can convert and bzr  check passes then you should be ok from
> that point on.

I'm 90% sure the issue was on the source, and not the target. So you had
some minor and previously undiscovered corruption in your source

Most likely this corruption was present in the *repository* but not
referenced by any *branches*.

While doing upgrade, it tries to convert everything present in the
repository, without regards to what is actually referenced.

We ran into this with, IIRC, Martin Albisetti, where he had some
obviously broken data created by a very old version of bzr. (It had
inventories referencing texts that were "file-file-id" rather than
"file-id".) Because 'branch' and all other fetching operations copy over
only data that is in the ancestry of the branch, the bogus old data was
never encountered until 'upgrade' came along.

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