Ironing out the upgrade experience

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at
Thu Aug 6 04:31:01 BST 2009

Martin Pool wrote:
> 2009/8/6 Martin Albisetti <argentina at>:

>> - Upgrading the same branch/repo multiple times gets you into trouble
>> if you leave the "backup.bzr" dir around. In cases like Launchpad,
>> this is very problematic because you need to start sftp'ing in and
>> doing all kinds of crazy thinks. Maybe we should create
>> "backup.bzr.1", "backup.bzr.2", etc?
> Ian mentioned this yesterday, maybe he has a patch in progress.

I don't have a patch to ignore backup.bzr. What my proposed patch does
support though is the option to remove backup.bzr on successful
completion of the upgrade.

You might be thinking of a wishlist Jelmer put forward a day or two ago:
upgrade into a *different* directory than .bzr and only replace the
current .bzr if everything worked.

>> - Provide a way to "upgrade all the branches in this dir". Jelmer has
>> a recursive-upgrade plugin that I've hacked to pieces to use at the
>> office, but this functionality should really be in core
> I think Ian has a pending patch for this.

My proposed patch will find branches under a shared repository and
upgrade those. In other words, it's not a general "recursive" upgrade
enhancement, though it ought to address the most common driver for
wanting that I suspect.

Ian C.

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