how remerge works and when to use it?

Martin Pool mbp at
Wed Aug 5 08:50:51 BST 2009

>> What is reprocess actually and
>> for which merge algorithms it is applicable?
> What a great question.  It reduces the number of conflicts, at some
> risk that it won't conflict on things were it should.  I'd have to
> check the code...

OK, so essentially (and I may be wrong) it means that if there are
common lines between the two alternatives in a conflict region, the
two sides are taken to assume on those lines and the region is split
in two.

It's set by supports_reprocess which is true for merge3 and weave, and
by inheritance for LCAMerger and Diff3Merger.  Therefore apparently
for everything(?) but maybe not external merges?

Martin <>

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