[rfc] six-month stable release cycles

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Wed Aug 5 07:23:03 BST 2009

Ian Clatworthy пишет:
> Martin Pool wrote:
>> I'd like to see if we can keep our trunk always ready to do a release
>> without needing a special stabilization period, which is a kind of
>> overhead.  There's also the fairly substantial overhead of actually
>> making and announcing the releases.
>> If it turns out that our monthlies are too-often broken then we can
>> look at having a stabilization week, or we could perhaps work out how
>> to have them not break so much.
> I think it comes down to being very clear about what we're hoping to
> achieve. You've presented a clear case for:
> 1. moving to a 6 monthly cycle as our *primary* one
> 2. having a stable branch with important bug fixes
> Given those changes, what is the driver behind continuing to do monthly
> releases? Who is the audience for those exactly?

E.g. Windows users who run standalone bzr.exe.

I remember how dirstate formats have been introduced and released. It 
was nightmare, and it is nightmare even today.

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