Where is "all" data stored; so which .bzr dire may be removed?

ALbert Mietus albert at ons-huis.net
Thu Jul 30 18:41:35 BST 2009

Hello All,

I' have  lots of experience with version control tool; although I may  
be cvs-biased in terminology.  And using bazaar for some time now.  
Normal operation is fine
However, I''m  still a bit  wondered about the mixture of (shared)  
repositories and branches. This is also feed due to cvsps-import  

When wo look to directories we I see too kind of them:
      1) The normal direcories, holding files to edit and such  
("working dirs")
      2) The dirs  called  .bzr (dot-bzr) holding bzr-branch and bzr- 
repo data

Even with a "shared" repository, there are a lot of .bzr dir.
In CVS-terms, a repository hold "all version, all files all branches".

My first question: does the shared-.bzr dir also holds "all". If so,  
then I should be allowed to delete all other .bzr dirs in subdirs of  
that shared repository
Of course, this will be only valid when no changes are committed.

If so, how can I re-create those brances. Meaning: get a working dir  
(the lastest version in that branch). Remember, I do not know the name  
of the branch.

More specific.
I have converted a small, personal  'tryOut' cvs-repo to bzr, with bzr  
cvsps-import. After deleting the stagginf stuff and cleaning empty top- 
dirs, I have the following dirs:
	.../TryOut/.bzr								## shared bzr-repo (bzr-dir no 0)
	 .../TryOut/branches/Apple_Darkroom/.bzr  		## bzr-dir no 1
	 .../TryOut/branches/Apple_Goldenrod/.bzr  		## bzr-dir no 4
	 .../TryOut/branches/HEAD/.bzr      				## bzr-dir no 3
	 .../TryOut/tags/GAM20071219/.bzr			 ## bzr-dir no 3
	 .../TryOut/tags/GAM20080201/.bzr			 ## bzr-dir no 3

I do know the /{branches,tags}/ part is due to cvsps; it's a bit svn- 
like; but I do not like/love/want it. Basically, I only have one  
branch of developement: "HEAD" . Sometimes I do create  a small,  
temporally brach, to try some alternatives. Apperently I have done so  
twice; probably only for a sub project/module/dir.
And I do use tags to mark "important"  versions. again I have done so  
as it shows.
Currently I'n not working on those versions/branches and do not plan  
to do so. But I do not want to lose the data.

My next question: which .bzr files do I need to keep (and backup) and  
which can I delete?
And the last question. How can I (when those dirs are gone) find the  
names again.

Thanks.  Please CC directly to me, and to the list.

--Groetjes, Albert

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