[REGRESSION] bzr 1.17 does not use _knit_load_data compiled extension

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Thu Jul 30 02:48:45 BST 2009

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> I was going to put it in there, but had the conceptual problem that we
> start trying to import these things before we have enough
> infrastructure up to read the config file.  If we check it atexit it
> may be ok.
> Hm, actually not because you may already be in Python's sky-is-falling
> finalization state where you can't load new code?

So my idea was to do it at the end of main() or run_bzr().

I would be fine with a mutter() at the time of action, and then a final
note later? I think we won't load all possible extensions anyway for all
commands. Perhaps just a:

  Some extensions failed to load, see ~/.bzr.log for more details.

As a single warning right at the beginning of run_bzr(), and then
mutters to the log file for everything that failed. It is quite unlikely
that we would not load at least one extension (_chunks_to_lines is from
osutils, and is thus loaded very early.)

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