Pushing from 2a repository to Launchpad fails

Aaron Bentley aaron at aaronbentley.com
Wed Jul 22 17:50:52 BST 2009

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Russel Winder wrote:
> The problem is Launchpad -- I cannot see a button that allows me to "bzr
> upgrade --2a" on a branch stored on Launchpad.  This therefore, at a
> stroke, renders Launchpad useless to me.

"bzr upgrade" works for Launchpad-hosted branches just as it works
everywhere else.  We have done some work to provide an upgrade button as
well, but it is not ready yet.

> Not even "bzr push --overwrite" works, which is getting me a bit riled.

push --overwrite does not do that in any context.  push --overwrite lets
you push even when the target branch has revisions in its history not
present in the source branch's ancestry.

> I guess I am going to have to remove all branches and recreate from
> scratch so as to try and get 2a format branches.

You can delete the .bzr directories of branches from Launchpad using an
sftp client, or lp:hitchhiker.  You can then re-push using --use-existing.

> Hummm... I guess I am
> assuming Launchpad is running a Bazaar that support 2a format.  This
> might get depressing :-(

Launchpad does support 2a format.  In fact, the source code to Launchpad
is stored in 2a format.

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