Hello, and a question.. (disregard prevoius post, no I am not a moron :-)

Gene Horodecki geneh at shaw.ca
Tue Jul 21 15:47:45 BST 2009

Gene Horodecki wrote:
> Philippe Lhoste wrote:
>> On 21/07/2009 06:05, Patrick van der Velde wrote:
>>> I'm currently not on a machine where I have bzr / Tbzr installed so I
>>> can't check my settings but I'm sure somebody could point you to the
>>> right settings in Tbzr. It has to do with the icon cache (TortoiseSvn
>>> has the TSVNCache exe for that).
>> Last time I turned off the icons in TortoiseBzr, the whole GUI was 
>> shut down, leaving only a minimal context menu (About... and Help IIRC).
>> I end up deactivating completely TBzr (regsvr32 /u 
>> tbzrshellext_x86.dll) because otherwise it kills my old computer by 
>> its slowness (with local data, not remote one!).
>> The excellent Bazaar Explorer seems to be a viable alternative to 
>> TBzr (which is probably fine for people with decent computers! I 
>> don't want to shoot it down, just point out some problems and 
>> limitations.).
> Hi there.  Yes the only options for overlays are for unversioned or 
> ignored items.  I need to turn off all overlays.  Can someone please 
> provide step by step instructions on how to disable through registry?  
> Thanks.
Ok thanks for the info and disregard my previous email.  I didn't 
realize regsvr32 was an actual command.  I ran the /u and it seems to 
have worked.

Also, I now realize that unchecking 'fixed drives' would have turned off 
all overlays.  I chose the /u route though to save on the memory use.

For anyone searching through the archives, more info at the link below:

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