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John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Mon Jul 20 22:40:29 BST 2009

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Nicholas Allen wrote:
> Hi,
> I managed to get PQM to work ;-) I have a few questions though:
> * When pre-commit hook fails can PQM email the submitter about the failure?
>         * If it can how do I configure this and is it possible to attach
> script output files?

I'm pretty sure we have this set up for the bzr PQM, given that I get
"Failure" emails all the time, which include the stderr/stdout output
from "make check".

> * How do I access the web interface?

Unknown, though my guess is that it is a separate daemon. If it *is*
then you probably want a proxy rule in Apache to redirect requests to
the website into requests for the PQM service.

If it isn't, then the PQM process is just writing some static files to
disk somewhere that you need to have Apache serve.

> * How do I specify more than one line for the commit message - it seems
> this is not possible as PQM uses email subject as commit message.

You can try using 'pqm-submit' and see what it lets you get away with.
But generally, you can't.

Not 100% true, as pqm-submit will wrap the message to conform to e-mail
standards, and then PQM will see that and use the Subject: entry *verbatim*.

If you do 'bzr log --long' on the bzr mainline, you'll see stuff like:
  (andrew) Fix minor KeyError bug in -Dhpss when logging requests for
        unregistered methods.

That funky indentation is because when wrapping a Subject: header, you
indent the next line, and PQM thought that looked very pretty and wants
to keep it forever and always.

> * What is the status of the merge directive support?

Stalled, AFAIK. Daniel Watkins (oddbloke) was the last to work on it.

> Once I understand all this stuff I will start documenting my experience
> to save others the trouble....
> Cheers,
> Nick

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