through 1.17 to 2.0 and beyond (was Re: bzr 1.17rc1 released!)

Martin Pool mbp at
Mon Jul 13 09:44:17 BST 2009

2009/7/13 Jonathan Lange <jml at>:
> Bazaar continues to blaze a straight and shining path to the 2.0 release and
> the elevation of the ``2a`` beta format to the full glory of "supported and
> stable".

Thanks, Jono, for bringing a new and rather poetic approach to release
management.  They've been good releases I think, and I admire the
verve of the announcements.

The path to 2.0 is indeed pretty straight: 2.0 is all about general
availability of the new, faster and smaller 2a repository format.  To
get there, we need to close the bugs targeted to 2.0
<>, be confident we have
had sufficiently diverse testing and know what bugs are present, and
then set that format to be the default

If there are bugs you think ought to block 2.0 then feel free to
nominate them either here or in the bug.

We should do the next release one month from here on the regular
schedule with the fixes that have been landed.  If the work that's
done adds up to something we can call 2.0, that's great, let's do it.
At the moment all we know is there are still bugs to fix, some of them
serious, but not very many, so we'll see what is possible.

Any other patches can be considered for this time but I'm asking the
Canonical Bazaar people to focus primarily on getting 2a stable, as
well of course as helping the community and reviewing patches.

Post 2.0, I think we should stick with monthly releases, and do
another larger cycle of about 6-12 months towards a 3.0, with at most
one default format change at the end of that cycle.  That would imply
that things like getting rid of OS locks on dirstate, which presumably
take a format change, would only be in some kind of beta format until
then.  But this is probably a topic for a separate thread, along with
feature wishes for post 2.0.

Martin <>

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