[win32] bzr ignore patterns with path separators?

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Wed Jul 8 13:47:57 BST 2009

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> When I tried Mercurial (briefly) before setting for Bazaar, one of the
> first things I tried, of course, is to go to some deep source hierarchy
> and do 'hg status' to see what goes to the repository.
> With this command, I got a rather long listing, that I could redirect to
> a file, load in an editor, or in a diff program if I want to see the
> influence of ignore parameters.
> It is excellent to experiment "safely" with patterns in .bzrignore (or
> .hgignore).
> With Bazaar, I get only the first level of the directory... :-(
> I understand it is related to the fact that directory are first-class
> citizens in Bazaar, and it is fine as default behavior, I suppose.
> But might I suggest that in some future version, you add some option to
> recurse into unversioned directories and report files (and dirs) that
> would be versioned by a 'bzr add' command?

It is actually related to performance. The underlying code that does
'status' explicitly prunes unversioned directories. We found early on
that avoiding stat-ing all the ignored files underneath a 'build'
directory could make a big difference. (At that time, we also had
test00*.tmp directories, which could have a significant number of files.)

I would be fine having a flag to disable that behavior. And arguably we
should do it for ignored and not unknowns.

Though I think it was also about not swaping the user with more
information than they could handle right now...


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