Relitive paths with ssh

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Tue Jul 7 18:45:35 BST 2009

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> Neil Martinsen-Burrell wrote:
>> hessiess at wrote:
>>> I am attempting to set up a personal web server where each website is
>>> an
>>> independent bzr tree. Each tree has its own user with the home dir set
>>> to
>>> the web root, and I can successfully log into the home dir
>>> ssh user at server
>>> However if I attempt to check out one of these directories
>>> bzr checkout sftp://user@server
>>> for some reason SSH resolves to the servers root dir, requiring the
>>> absolute path to be specified. Is there any way to make bzr resolve to
>>> the
>>> users home dir?
>> This is a pending feature request for Bazaar to provide a syntax for
>> referring to paths relative to the home directory.  See
>> for more discussion.
>> I've thought about trying to fix it before, but it is sufficiently
>> low-level that I've never felt confident in where to make the change. If
>> someone wanted to comment on the bug with a recommended approach, I'd
>> take a shot at coding it up.
>> -Neil
> Except for 'sftp' you can already just do:
> bzr checkout sftp://user@server/~/stuff/in/home
> John

Thanks a lot, sftp works perfectly. now I just need to find some way of
making the server automatically checkout the commit into the web root

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