Preserving metadata for blame/praise through whitespace changes

Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at
Tue Jul 7 11:16:39 BST 2009

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael B Trausch <mbt at> writes:


    Michael> So, I have two questions:

    Michael>  1. Is there something I should have done that would have
    Michael> preserved "blame" data?
    Michael>  2. If there is nothing, is there some way to educate bzr that
    Michael> whitespace-only changes should not factor in to things like diffs
    Michael> and output of commands like "bzr blame", or perhaps, be able to
    Michael> be removed from consideration by the addition of an extra
    Michael> parameter?

I think John answered these quite completely, but I'd like to add
one remark.

While you may want to ignore such modifications, they are part of
the history. Now, they are times (and you encounter that :) where
you are more interested by what occurred *before* those
modifications and there the GUIs should provide better ways to
navigate the annotations (and that includes taking into account
the work John is doing right now).

But in the mean time, 'bzr gannotate' proposes the 'back and
'forward' buttons which are not very intuitive[1] but allows you
to navigate the revisions for the currently *selected* line.


[1] Mainly because you have no idea a line must be selected
because the 'back' button is active from the start *because* the
first line is selected by default from the start.

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