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Sat Jul 4 16:24:50 BST 2009

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Jean-Francois Roy wrote:
> Lars,
> I would still encourage you strongly to build a native interface.
> Getting bzr-explored working on Mac OS X is not trivial because of all
> the dependencies, and once running it clearly doesn't feel like a native
> application. I have the utmost respect for bzr-explorer, I think it's
> fantastic, but it is not a native, designed for Mac OS X application. A
> lot of non-technical users will get turned off by that.
> Hopefully, building a OS X client should not be too difficult
> technically. In fact, the application could be written in Python using
> PyObjC to interact directly with bzrlib.
> Just my modest opinion :p

At the expense of having yet another application to maintain.

If someone has a strong desire for it, by all means do it. I would just
caution that it implies specific dedication to port all new features to
yet another application.

Speaking of which, I thought I remember someone already poking at a Mac
OS X client... let me see if I can find it.

I wasn't able to find it off-hand. I believe it was based on some other
popular Mac client. I *think* it was Versions:

However, that name is *awful* for searching.

Anyway, I suppose it became vaporware since it doesn't seem to be active
enough to have continued attention.

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