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Jean-Francois Roy bahamut at
Fri Jul 3 21:01:54 BST 2009


I would still encourage you strongly to build a native interface.  
Getting bzr-explored working on Mac OS X is not trivial because of all  
the dependencies, and once running it clearly doesn't feel like a  
native application. I have the utmost respect for bzr-explorer, I  
think it's fantastic, but it is not a native, designed for Mac OS X  
application. A lot of non-technical users will get turned off by that.

Hopefully, building a OS X client should not be too difficult  
technically. In fact, the application could be written in Python using  
PyObjC to interact directly with bzrlib.

Just my modest opinion :p

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On 2009-07-03, at 1:57, "Lars Hoss" <lars at> wrote:

>> Lars,
>> I can't offer to help code, but I can offer to try things out, both  
>> Mac
>> OS X and Ubuntu.
> Thanks, good to know!

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