Nested trees support and updating the PPAs...

Alexander Belchenko bialix at
Thu Jul 2 15:00:28 BST 2009

John Szakmeister пишет:
> I realize this feature isn't completed yet, but I constantly have to
> deal with repositories that have a number of externals.  Is there
> something I can do to help make nested trees support happen?  I've
> looked at the design spec, and the progress page.  I'm still trying to
> get familiar with all the internals of Bazaar, but there's no better
> way than trying to get something accomplished, right?

You can check scmproj plugin, so it's not so wonderful as nested trees 
should be.

BTW, it's a pity to see that fresh version of hg 1.3 was already 
released with basic support of subrepos, while bzr hackers still 
discussing ideal solution. :-/

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