Nested trees support and updating the PPAs...

John Szakmeister john at
Thu Jul 2 14:05:23 BST 2009

I realize this feature isn't completed yet, but I constantly have to
deal with repositories that have a number of externals.  Is there
something I can do to help make nested trees support happen?  I've
looked at the design spec, and the progress page.  I'm still trying to
get familiar with all the internals of Bazaar, but there's no better
way than trying to get something accomplished, right?

Also, I noticed that the Bazaar PPA is about 7 versions behind on
subvertpy, and several revisions behind for QBzr.  Is there something
I can do to help on that front?  I've never built a deb before, but
I'd be happy to help come release time to get things packaged and
submitted.  If someone familiar with the process doesn't mind
answering questions as they come up, I'll happily take that on... and
do it in a timely manner.


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