bzr suddenly dies while merging: "Branches have no common ancestor"

Frits Jalvingh jal at
Thu Jul 2 10:06:45 BST 2009

Hi List,

I have a very simple branch (xxx) which was branched from a master called 
vp-trunk. I worked on it and did several normal merges from vp-trunk into the 
working branch.

But for some reason I now get the following error when I'm trying to do the 
same again:

jal at odeon:~/itrisbzr/xxx$ bzr merge ../vp-trunk
bzr: ERROR: Branches have no common ancestor, and no merge base revision was 

These branches are directly related and merges have always worked. I have an 
earlier "release" branch that was branched off vp-trunk a year earlier and 
I /can/ merge with that!?

bzr missing reports that I have 47 extra revisions and am missing 110 
revisions which looks right.

This is the most basic of workflows failing.... Help....


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