Checkouts vs bound branches

Ian Clatworthy ian.clatworthy at
Mon Jun 29 00:59:23 BST 2009

Neil Martinsen-Burrell wrote:
> Russel Winder wrote:
>> Bazaar Explorer distinguishes Checkouts and "Bound Branches", is there a
>> real distinction between these things?

> Reading heavily between the lines of discussions about the Bazaar 2.0
> UI, it appears that in the Bazaar 2.0 era, the "heavyweight checkout"
> terminology will be de-emphasized and the "bound branch" concept will be
> emphasized.  I think that this will clarify the concepts and emphasize
> their relative advantages (checkout = lightweight = everything remote;
> branch = local history, may or may not be bound to a remote location for
> mirroring).

Right. See

Ian C.

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