Dependencies in the PPA for Jaunty

Vincent Ladeuil v.ladeuil+lp at
Tue Jun 23 11:06:52 BST 2009

>>>>> "Stephen" == Stephen J Turnbull <stephen at> writes:

We are mostly in violent agreement :)

    Stephen> Vincent Ladeuil writes:
    >> People that don't want to handle additional dependencies should
    >> keep their $HOME/.bazaar/plugins directory as empty as possible
    >> and pester PPA maintainers and <favorite distro>
    >> maintainers. Keep in mind that many of them work in their spare
    >> time though.

    Stephen> Of course they do.  So what?  The fact that they're
    Stephen> volunteers just increases the number of buggy and/or
    Stephen> out of date "official" plugin packages, giving the
    Stephen> users more headaches.  Knowing why reality sucks
    Stephen> doesn't kill the pain, though.

That wasn't my point.

We already had discussions about the batteries-included approach
and that should be addressed either by a bazaar package including
bzr and various plugins OR landing some plugins in core.

None of it has happened yet for lack of time, not for lack of
understanding or willingness. (aka, it's on the radar but with a
lower priority than other tasks, yet, I don't know everybody


    Stephen> My guess is that bzr is "shared infrastructure"
    Stephen> rather than "personal preference" and as such the
    Stephen> more stable "batteries included" approach deserves
    Stephen> consideration.

There is a wide variety of usages in the current bzr user base. I
agree that most of the users shouldn't even need to install *one*
plugin. Yet, many use cases are better addressed by some specific
plugins (to implement a company-wide policy for example). So
~/.bazaar/plugins can't always be empty.

I think the first time *I* heard discussions about
batteries-included for bzr was before bzr-1.0 was released.

Since then, the support in core has improved but various
initiatives towards that goal have stalled.


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