[RFC]: loom: up-thread should 'rebase' if the thread hasn't been pushed.

Robert Collins robert.collins at canonical.com
Mon Jun 22 00:40:14 BST 2009

Actually, rebase is the wrong term, but it captures the idea: 'bzr
up-thread' should do a history edit, like rebase does, when the thread
that is being moved onto has not been published.

In a loom, when one does 'bzr record', the tips of the threads are
captured, much like a bzr tree is captured by 'bzr commit'. With a
record being done, loom can be [fairly] sure that the contents haven't
been pushed. Likewise, merge from that loom won't see unrecorded tips or

My thinking is that by automatically determining whether to do
rebase-style integration, loom could offer the very lightweight 'your
commits float' style workflow and seamlessly transition into the 'your
commits are branches derived-from earlier branches' that is needed for
merge-preserving history-presentation.

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