bzr-svn tests on Windows

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at
Sun Jun 21 10:49:23 BST 2009

Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> Jelmer Vernooij пишет:
>> There's a few issues remaining now, all caused by the fact that you
>> can't remove a file that's still in use on Windows. Any help getting
>> this fixed would be much appreciated.
> To fix this problem you have to use own class to open files.
> Simple answer is using Win32 API CreateFile() with flag FILE_SHARE_DELETE,
> see
> Such implementation already exists in hg codebase, see class posixfile_nt in module
I can't, these files are all opened from inside of the Subversion
library so I have no control over what flags are used when opening them.



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