[MERGE] Implement bzrlib.lock with CreateFile rather than LockFileEx on win32 (operational part)

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Fri Jun 19 10:47:40 BST 2009

Martin (gzlist) пишет:
> 2009/6/19 Alexander Belchenko <bialix at ukr.net>:
>> Martin (gzlist) пишет:
>>> As would I, particularly for some testing on non-en-locale windows.
>> I've tested it using Russian "Тест" as directory name for the branch.
>> Your code works OK.
> Thanks! Don't think I need anything more detailed until the printing
> of exception classes gets sorted out (though, suggestions for
> unittests I could write on this front would be welcome).

Do you run existing per_lock tests? There is a lot of test failures.

C:\work\Bazaar\bzr-repo\lock>python bzr --no-plugins selftest -s 
bt.per_lock > test.log

Ran 22 tests in 1.328s

FAILED (errors=4)
tests failed

See attached test.log.

IIRC your previous patch works better re selftest. I think you have to 
fix this failures.

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