Convert from local to shared

James Mansion james at
Mon Jun 15 21:04:35 BST 2009

Neil Martinsen-Burrell wrote:
>> 4) Is there a way to disable particular plugins in a given directory 
>> tree?
> I don't know of a way to do this.  On UNIX, I would just ``mv 
> ~/.bazaar/plugins/svn ~/.bazaar/svn-moved`` and then move it back into 
> the plugins folder when I was done working with that particular 
> directory.  This workflow of managing local changes to Subversion 
> upstream projects can also be done more cleanly using bzr-svn directly::
Well, that's essentially what I used too.  Its a bit sucky.
> $ bzr branch svn:// project-upstream
> $ bzr branch project-upstream local
> $ cd local; #hack, hack, hack
> $ bzr commit ...
> $ cd ../project-upstream; bzr pull # gets latest changes
> $ cd ../local; bzr merge # pulls changes into local
> # resolve conflicts
> $ bzr ci -m 'got changes from upstream'
Interesting - so project-upstream is using svn and local is using pure 
bzr?  That's pretty

That's very interesting.  Or at least it would be if bzr-svn in 1.15.1 
works with svn 1.6
workspaces. Looks like there is pending goodness in bzr-svn coming 
though, so I guess
this will be fixed.


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