[rfc] bug targeting in Launchpad

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Mon Jun 15 04:57:17 BST 2009

Martin Pool writes:

 > Perhaps it's better to have the release milestone be only things that
 > must be done.  Then separately make sure that almost-done work gets
 > finished by driving to zero the review queue and the fix-committed and
 > in-progress bug lists.

By "separately" you mean "not the RM's job," right?<wink>

 > I think it should be the milestone page, which implies there must be a
 > bug for it. If it's important enough to want to hit a particular
 > release it's not an excessive burden to create a bug record.

Does launchpad support blocker bugs (bug dependencies)?  Having the
milestone bug be blocked by the release blocker bugs would seem to the
best interface, since the blocker list would have links to the bugs

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