[RFC][DRAFT] Updated guide for upgrading to rich-roots [and the 2.0 beta formats]

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Fri Jun 12 12:12:17 BST 2009

Alexander Belchenko пишет:
> I've just tested upgrade of qbzr trunk (revno.769) to 2a format.
> Everything seems went OK, repo shrinks 4.5M -> 1.5M.
> But after upgrade I have 4 or 5 packs in the repo, and only when I've 
> repacked it I can see major speed-up in operations.
> IIRC, this problem about needing pack after upgrade is known,
> but I'm mentioning it anyway.
> IIUC, 2a is not the latest one bbc format?
> I will wait for BIG announcement when bzr will be ready
> for final upgrade.

But something is bad with 2a. Branching without shared repo is slower 
with 2a.

timeit bzr branch trunk-1.9 test
time: 6.424

timeit bzr branch trunk-2a test2
time: 9.202

And we have fairy small history :-(

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