Bazaar 1.16rc1 frozen, but not released

Jonathan Lange jml at
Thu Jun 11 14:03:02 BST 2009

Hello all,

It's been a long journey, and there's still more to go, but 1.16rc1 is
almost there.

The 1.16 branch is up at PQM has
an hour or so of work to do before it's ready to actually be released,
so I'm going to get some sleep and release first thing in the morning.

The following items were targeted for 1.16rc1 but did not make it:

  [Bug 385103] non-development format name needed for brisbane-core (mbp)
    I was told this landed, but apparently it didn't.

  [Bug 284038] push should warn about uncommitted changes (vila)
    Still waiting on tweaks in response to reviews.

  [Bug 385453] make dist should fail if C files don't exist or can't
be built (?)
    No actual patch for this yet.

There are also questions about the fix for:

  [Bug 385132] bzr uses inaccessible, internal URL when pushing to
server with host-relative default_stack_on url (jml)

since it leaves Bazaar 1.15 clients broken when running against Bazaar
1.15+ smart servers.

I'll consider pulling in a fresh round of changes from trunk,
depending on what happens over the next eight or so hours.

Thank you all for the cool work you've done in this release & for the
help you've given me in getting it out.

Good night,

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