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Tue Jun 9 14:32:06 BST 2009

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Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> Matt Nordhoff пишет:
>> Brad Schick wrote:
>>> On 6/8/2009 10:35 PM, Brad Schick wrote:
>>>> I am deploying bzr 1.15 on Ubuntu Linux systems and noticed that the
>>>> PPA
>>>> for bzr 1.15 is rather large for a command-line tool (currently just
>>>> over 5MB). 
>>> I just noticed that the bzr debian package contains many tests. Seems
>>> like this should be part of the source distribution and not part of the
>>> standard install. After install, /usr/share/pyshared/bzrlib/tests is
>>> 6.7M.
>> You can run the test suite with "bzr selftest", and many parts of bzrlib
>> import bzrlib.tests, so removing them all would be more complicated than
>> just "rm -rf bzrlib/tests".
>> Not that it's a bad idea, necessarily... Just sayin' that it wouldn't be
>> completely trivial to do.
> I've tried to split tests out of bzrlib. This is hard but possible.
> But without nested trees it's not very good idea, IMO.

I think that comes down to creating reasonable packaging scripts, rather
than trying to do it as part of bzr itself.

Basically, you take the tarball we create as part of the 1.15 release
and then:

mv bzrlib/tests ../bzr-tests
mv doc ../bzr-doc

Then package what is left of bzr, and then create a package for
'bzr-tests' and 'bzr-doc'.

There would probably need to be a few updates to the core of bzrlib to
avoid 'from bzrlib.tests import X' in a few places. (cmd_selftest comes
to mind, but I think a lot of the TransportServer code uses test suite

Though I also thought that part of building packages was to run the
program's test suite, and I'm not sure how that works with ripping out
the test suite...

So if someone wants to put forth the effort, I think it would be okay to
have a bzr-doc and a bzr-test.


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