merge --pull behavior (was bzr-svn 1.0)

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Jun 9 03:48:32 BST 2009

2009/6/9 Aaron Bentley <aaron at>:
> John Arbash Meinel wrote:
>> Aaron Bentley wrote:
>>> spiv and I have been thinking of changing merge --pull so that it only
>>> pulls when the old tip is in the lefthand ancestry, and I think it's the
>>> sort of change that might make sense everywhere.
>> Just to mention that it is probably *not* the behavior that people who
>> pushed so hard for 'merge --pull' care about. The whole point was that
>> they wanted git's style of 'fastforward if possible' and wanted to
>> ignore stuff like lefthand ancestry importance.
> True, but this may mean they just misunderstand Bazaar's model.  I think
> we have not given a lot of thought to merge --pull, because it's only
> there because users demanded it.  We can provide a means to get the old
> behavior, but I think it should spell out the consequences.  Like "bzr
> merge --pull-renumber".
> We may find that merge --pull-renumber is not nearly as popular as
> they'd lead us to think.

I think a patch that just does this would be reasonable.  The larger
changes should be considered as part of the post-2.0 UI stories, not
done piecemeal: eg working on one conceptual branch in two places, or
handling mirrors of a branch.

Martin <>

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