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Mon May 11 02:30:56 BST 2009

to other plugins to do the interesting stuff, bar the core
display/management. QBzr and bzr-gtk will be the first 2 plugins
supported but the architecture is completely open. In fact, if you're
using Bazar over the top of Subversion and want to call out to FishEye
(say) via a menu option, I want that to be something a power user can
configure for their team.

It will be interesting to see how well the overall approach hangs
together. Once nice technical thing about calling out to separate
subprocesses for each task is that the main GUI won't be blocked or
lockup if the child dialog does. OTOH, I haven't taught BE to
auto-magically refresh its display when a child process finishes, so the
F5 key (shortcut for View/Refesh) gets a workout. Even so, I'm now
dogfooding BE every day and using it for 75% of my Bazaar work. I feel
that it's very promising, but I'm rather biased. :-)

>  Keeping vcs separate from file browsing does that nicely.
> This is so cool!  Thank you!
I hope others feel the same!

Further more, I hope others are inspired to get in and help where they
can. Code and patches are nice but bug reports and blueprints are *very*
welcome too. If you have an idea about how you'd like a particular
dialog to look, simply mock it up in Qt-Designer or Glade and let us
know. We can then enhance QBzr and/or bzr-gtk accordingly and BE users
will benefit.

Good ideas/vision are one thing but it takes a community to turn them
into reality. The more hands involved, the better the overall result
will be in my experience.

Ian C.

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