Changes for 1.15.1?

John Arbash Meinel john at
Fri Jun 5 02:50:03 BST 2009

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>> It works as long as you create the branches "manually". I'm going to be
>> working on fixing the "require_stacking" code today. I was considering
>> doing it via a new RPC since it would let us
>> a) Create the Branch at the same time we create the Repository,
>> eliminating yet another round trip.
>> b) If it is only going into 1.16 anyway, I don't have to worry about a
>> "minimal" patch.
>> c) While we could get GC stacking into a 1.15.X if we *need* to, given
>> that we want to change the Revision serializer anyway, there isn't
>> really a fixed format for 2.0 yet, which is what Launchpad wants in a
>> 1.15.x release. And that *certainly* would be beyond the scope of a
>> 1.15.x release anyway.
> Thanks, that's good to know.
> Bob, are you still planning on making a 1.15.1 with the bug 381329 fix included?
> jml

So I should give an update. The final patch landed without a new RPC,
that just fixes BzrDirFormatMeta1.require_stacking(). It means you may
get a bogus "upgrading branch format" message, but you at least get the
correct formats when everything is done. (And I *think* the message is
just going to be in the server log, and not shown to the user.)

That landed as 4406.

I'm also trying to land the --dev7 format with bencoded revisions and a
pyrex bencode implementation. I keep getting tripped up by trivial
things like the "test_source" noticing that it had an old-format GPL header.

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