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Wed Jun 3 14:55:55 BST 2009

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Andrew Bennetts wrote:
> Jonathan Lange wrote:
> [...]
>> Woot! Thanks Andrew.
>> At the UDS sprint, there was also talk of providing bbc stacking
>> support in a theoretical 1.15.1. Is this still on the cards?
> Sadly, I don't think so.
> The revisions to cherrypick for that would be 4392 and 4396.  They're pretty
> huge.  Here's the diffstats:
> 4392: 20 files changed, 962 insertions(+), 190 deletions(-)
> 4396: 6 files changed, 131 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)
> Now, some of 4392 is sort-of orthogonal locking fixes that are mainly for
> the benefit of tests, but it would be hard to untangle, and still pretty
> large.
> Also, those fixes alone still aren't enough to allow creation of stacked
> dev6 branches via a smart server IIRC, due to bugs in the “require_stacking”
> logic in, so the benefit would actually be pretty minimal until
> even more fixes are made...
> John, care to summarise where dev6 stacking is at?
> -Andrew.

It works as long as you create the branches "manually". I'm going to be
working on fixing the "require_stacking" code today. I was considering
doing it via a new RPC since it would let us

a) Create the Branch at the same time we create the Repository,
eliminating yet another round trip.
b) If it is only going into 1.16 anyway, I don't have to worry about a
"minimal" patch.
c) While we could get GC stacking into a 1.15.X if we *need* to, given
that we want to change the Revision serializer anyway, there isn't
really a fixed format for 2.0 yet, which is what Launchpad wants in a
1.15.x release. And that *certainly* would be beyond the scope of a
1.15.x release anyway.


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