Handling unmergeable files -- a call to arms

Paul Schauble Paul.Schauble at ticketmaster.com
Fri May 29 19:19:21 BST 2009

I don't think 4 works. There may be hundreds of Bazaar repositories that
contain the file, many of which are currently unreachable by network.
For a lock to work it would have to lock every single one of these
repositories. And you can't do it.

I think the best that can be done in this case is to keep all of the
conflicting versions of the file in the repositories as they are updated
and to note the conflict as requiring human intervention. This doesn't
necessarily leave you merging by eye. A lot of work processors and
graphics programs have merge features. But Bazaar can't do it.


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Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

> Well, three, I guess.  There's also
> 3.  Grit your teeth, let the deadline slip, and while you're on the
>     bus invent and implement a merge algorithm for the heretofore
>     unmergeable file. :-)

and ...

4. Grab a mobile phone and call someone at the office (or online) and
   ask them to grab the lock on your behalf.

Ian C.


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