Is it possible to delete a branch from repository?

Talden talden at
Tue May 19 05:37:16 BST 2009

>> >> I'm not sure if there's a better way but I think you can achieve this
>> >> with something like
>> >> 1. Create new repo
>> >> 2. branch each branch you want to keep from the existing repo into the
>> >> new. 3. move the new repo into place to replace the old.
>> >
>> > Of course, then your push branch, parent branch, and submit branch
>> > references for each branch are lost.
>> Well I wasn't suggesting you move the branches... just move the new
>> .bzr of the repo in place of the old .bzr.
>> All of the push/parent/submit stuff is in the branch.conf right?
>> Whether that's bullet-proof or not I don't know.
> I didn't think of mixing and matching the .bzr directories like that... I
> would be scared since I am fairly ignorant of how shared repo storage works.

The alternative's not very complicated... just copy the branch.conf
files over.  Of course if some branches have trees and some don't when
you might have more to do.


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