[RFC] proposed user doc for nested trees

Alexander Belchenko bialix at ukr.net
Tue May 12 13:19:11 BST 2009

Aaron Bentley пишет:
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> Martin Pool wrote:
>>> by-value nesting is available now and works now, either using bzr join
>>> or the merge-into plugin.  I realize that you're not suggesting we
>>> disable by-value nesting.  We would simply stop calling it nesting.
>> Can I check how these two are currently defined:
> I'm using the definitions from UBZ.  They are the same as "copy by
> value" and "copy by reference" in programming languages.
>> by-reference nesting: the containing tree holds basically the branch
>> URL and revision to be checked out under a subdirectory.
>> by-value nesting: the containing tree directly contains all the files
>> from the nested tree as if they'd been added, but pulling or merging
>> from branches related to the nested tree will still work?
> Copy-by-value means that the two trees become a single tree with the
> history of both.  This is implemented by the join command and the
> merge-into plugin.

IIUC merge-into simply do `bzr merge -r0..-1` into subdirectory.
So nesting-by-value is just merged into with all history.
Is it correct?

> It is not "as if they'd been added"; they *have* been added.
>> Or is it just the difference between whether the revision of the
>> nested tree is updated on every containing tree commit or not?
> No.
>>>> If I get permission to change checkouts as Mark has requested, all
>>>> checkouts will be lightweight and heavyweight checkouts will be created
>>>> via branch --bind, so "nested branch" would not be ambiguous/misleading
>>>> as it could be now. See http://bazaar-vcs.org/DraftSpecs/SimpleCheckouts.
>>> I still disagree.  There should be no branches at all in the working
>>> tree, so they won't be nested.
>> What do you mean?  That in the SimpleCheckouts spec the branch is not
>> colocated with the working tree?
> I mean that subtrees will be lightweight checkouts of subbranches:
> http://bazaar-vcs.org/NestedTreesDesign#sub-branches

Do you plan to provide support for relative branch references?

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