bzr doesn't support lsh...

Alfred M. Szmidt ams at
Sat May 9 05:02:52 BST 2009

[please CC, I am not subscribed]

GNU bzr doesn't support lsh, the GNU implementation of the secure
shell protocol, this is a pitty, since bzr is also a GNU project

ams at beryx:~/s$ BZR_SSH=lsh bzr branch bzr+ssh://
bzr: ERROR: Unrecognised value for BZR_SSH environment variable: lsh

It seems that bzr hardcodes all possible permutations of what is
possible, most programs allow any kind of input, this is useful for
testing, or using other remote shells (one could want to use rsh for

I am not versed in Python, would someone like to voluenteer to fix
this issue?

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