[MERGE] Some cleanup in log tests

John Arbash Meinel john at arbash-meinel.com
Thu May 7 22:29:53 BST 2009

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Vincent Ladeuil wrote:
> Here are some cleanups in our log test suite.
> I will follow-up with more aggressive refactoring to enhance our
> coverage here (we really need that).
> If nobody objects, I'll merge it by next monday.
> Ian, you may have some branches were that may conflict so I
> thought you may want a preview before I go further.
>         Vincent


+class TestLogTimeZone(TestLog):
+    def test_log_unsupported_timezone(self):
+        self.make_linear_branch()
+        self.run_bzr_error('bzr: ERROR: Unsupported timezone format
"foo", '
+                           'options are "utc", "original", "local".',
+                           ['log', '--timezone', 'foo'])
^- The error should be a list, not a single string. I *think* this is
actually doing a regex search for every *character* in the string you

Perhaps we should force an isintance check...

 class LogCatcher(log.LogFormatter):
- -    """Pull log messages into list rather than displaying them.
- -
- -    For ease of testing we save log messages here rather than actually
- -    formatting them, so that we can precisely check the result without
- -    being too dependent on the exact formatting.
- -
- -    We should also test the LogFormatter.
+    """Pull log messages into a list rather than displaying them.
+    To simplify testing we save logged revisions here rather than actually
+    formatting anything, so that we can precisely check the result without
+    being dependent on the formatting.

     supports_delta = True
+#    supports_merge_revisions = True

^- This doesn't quite seem right, perhaps you want to delete the line?

This is just test changes, right?



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