RFC: Communicating with users of trunk

Bob Tanner tanner at real-time.com
Thu May 7 08:48:26 BST 2009

On 2009-05-04 20:41:32 -0500, Robert Collins 
<robert.collins at canonical.com> said:

> I don't think blogging is a good answer to this, because the point is to
> get rare, but important messages to all users of the product when a
> particular critical point is happening.

I'd like to vote for a blog.

For me a mailing list, low volume or not, means more email. Something 
more that has to make it past the greylists, the anti-spam services, 
the anti-virus services, and finally drop in my inbox.

And then I look around and I see 10 other guys I work with all on the 
same mailing list, all dealing with the flood of email. That low-volume 
email is at least on the mail server, probably in a personal folder, on 
the mail server backup tapes, etc....

I'd much rather have a blog, use google reader to subscribe to it, and 
read things via RSS.

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